Playing Doctor

We are currently having snow days in North Carolina. From what I’ve been told, 8 inches of snow is not a normal thing around here. This means that most roads are not clear or safe enough to drive on. So, the kids have either been getting wet in the snow or cooped up indoors. Due to this latter problem I had to put a moratorium on their regular electronics habits.

To my delight, both my sons decided this meant they would be recreating Twice Upon A Time in their own image. The problem? Both were playing as the First Doctor and treating the other as the Twelfth Doctor. It was hilarious to see them each trying to use dialogue and play to try and trick the other into taking on the late Capaldi role. By the time they were winding down they had both “regenerated” multiple times, and gone through my sonic screwdriver collection at a fiery pace. At one point, they got all the way up to 101 regenerations! But always, through some sort of time-whimey imaginative play, they reversed back to the First Doctor.

When I asked my oldest son about why he likes to pretend play Doctor Who he replied, “Action! There’s so much action… and drama. Plus I love the science-fiction!” This somehow lead him down a logical path of eventually singing the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song.

“I feel that Doctor Who is amazing,” my nine year old daughter told me, “because there is so much adventure. I love how some companions are telling the Doctor, ‘We should do this!’ ‘No, we should do this,‘ and it always leads to something crazy. My favorite episode is probably any of them where two Doctors or three Doctors meet. My favorite episode probably is Twice Upon A Time.” Since we were talking about the historic Christmas special I decided to go ahead and ask her about the new Doctor. My daughter said that she thinks it’s amazing that they’re finally letting the Doctor be a woman because they’ve had over 800 episodes where the only women were companions, “I feel like this time they’re finally letting women be the main character. That’s really good.”

My oldest son says this about the new Doctor, “It’s amazing. It’s historical, but it could lead to disastrous events when it comes to communicating on the team [fans.] For most of the Doctor’s time he has regenerated as a male. It could lead to fighting [between fans.]” When I asked him if it was something worth fighting over, he said having a woman as the Doctor is something worth the fighting.

Of course, my seven year old said he liked the First Doctor so much because he threatened to spank Bill across the bottom. Apparently, he thought that was hilarious. So, for every two steps forward…

Merch Lord: Speakers and Headphones

Sometimes you just go overboard. This may be one of those times, but there was a sale, and I needed a speaker and new headphones. So, here we are.

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First up, the Bluetooth TARDIS speaker. The packaging was pretty cute with the St. John’s Ambulance logo for the tamper seal stickers on either side of the bottom of the box. At first I was afraid I would need a screwdriver to get the speaker out of the packaging, however the screws were easy to take out by hand. At this point I will shake my head at the lost opportunity for the cords that came with the speaker. Instead of having them a TARDIS blue, matching white or even just traditional black color the speaker came with bright red, almost orange cables. It comes with a micro USB to USB cord as well as an AUX audio cable. There are four buttons on the front, with all of the buttons doubling up in functions. The phone symbol connects to the Bluetooth enabled device as well as make calls, if you are using your phone. The volume buttons also skip through tracks depending upon how long you hold them down. Every time you connect the TARDIS landing sound is enabled as well as flashing lights, and every time you disconnect sounds and lights warn you, as well as when battery charge is low. This latter option can be slightly annoying because the sounds are not short and interrupt if you are listening to a podcast or music. For the most part the sounds and lights are a cute addition, however I do wish there was a easy switch available for turning this option off.

The TARDIS Bluetooth speaker is currently $50 over on

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My second audio purchase was a set of folding Doctor Who themed headphones. They are advertised as being “noise cancelling.” While there is a large amount of noise blocked out by the headphones, do not expect the same amount of noise reduction for the expensive Beats styled headphones. I did find the cushion on the ears to be comfortable and the sound quality perfectly fine for my podcast listening needs.  Once again, the box had the St. John’s Ambulance tamper stickers on the box. The metal pieces of the headphones are labeled with “Type 40,” a reference to the type of TARDIS the Doctor travels with, as well as the Police Public Call Box logo along the top. The headphones fold easily and come with a nice velvet bad with the Doctor Who logo along the front. The black headphones, like I found on clearance, are currently $35 on Amazon from a third party seller, while the white version of the headphones are $30.  The headphones have some low reviews for not turning on or staying on long enough after a couple of weeks of use. With any electronic I always recommend making sure you do not leave them on the charger or do not overcharge them so much that you kill any battery life.


Are there any Doctor Who electronics or logo merchandise that you love? Share them in the comments!

Doctor Who Royal Rumble: Part 2

royalrumble2If the Doctors had a fight, who would win? When we last left off the Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Doctor were left in the ring, after defeating all their predecessors, and for one Doctor, his replacement regeneration.

Here is a quick recap-

The Fourth Doctor has the physical height and strength to overpower his opponents, as well as the most experience in physical fights, with his violent encounter from The Deadly Assassin.

The Sixth Doctor has physicality, weight, and aggression on his side. If the Doctors had a Rusev among them, the Sixth Doctor would be it.

The Seventh Doctor may not look like him physically, but he has the personality and tricky streak of Bray Wyatt. Beware when the lights go out, because the Seventh Doctor may just sneak up from behind to take you out, like he did the Fifth Doctor.

Round 4:

giphy10[1]The Seventh Doctor created chaos in his wake. No one knows who is on the other person’s side, so all three Doctors go after one another, while trying to make sure neither works together to get them over the top rope. The Seventh Doctor, recognizing he is at a major disadvantage between the bigger two Doctors mostly played keep away, with quick hits and fast dashes into corners or away from the major action between the bigger two.

The Eighth Doctor makes an entrance, after our three Doctors from before have tussled for awhile. He has the build of a high flyer, ala Gentleman Jack Gallagher, yet, instead he chooses instead a grappling and technical style more aligned with Tyler Bate or Finn Balor.

Paired off now, the Eighth Doctor is paired off with the Seventh and the Fourth Doctor with the Sixth. Now, with a singular focus, the Fourth Doctor is more dangerous than ever. The Sixth Doctor chops to the chest hard, however, the Fourth Doctor is more dominating. It doesn’t take long for the Eighth Doctor to twist and turn the arms of the Seventh Doctor into submission, making him spinning over the top rope child’s play… he’s out.

Meanwhile, the Fourth Doctor gets the Sixth Doctor into a corner. Before anything else can happen, he sweeps the Sixth Doctor up by the legs and flips him over the ropes as well.

Round 5:

eighthdoctorThe Fourth Doctor towers over the leaner Eighth Doctor, each staring each other down. Just as they are about to charge… the Ninth Doctor comes barreling out, rushes the ring and grabs the Fourth Doctor from behind. He puts the Fourth Doctor in a headlock, while the Eighth Doctor rushes forward to lift the other side of the Fourth Doctor over.

Before the Ninth Doctor even fully enters the ring, the Fourth Doctor is up and over the top ropes, and out of the picture.

Round 6:

ninthdoctorThe Ninth and Eighth Doctor shift between grappling and hitting. The Ninth Doctor does not throw his height and weight around, like the Fourth Doctor, instead relying more on skill. The War Doctor looks on from the announcer table, relieved to see some actual wrestling occurring instead of tricks and overt unskilled aggression.

Who do you think should go on to face the rest of the modern Doctors? Take the poll, plus leave your thoughts in the comments!

Dr. Whooves

My goal is to write about Doctor Who every day this year. So along those lines I’d like to quickly talk to you about Dr. Whooves.

He is the My Little Pony version of Doctor Who. There have been several regenerations of Dr. Whooves in the background of the My Little Pony cartoons, over the years, to match whomever is the current Doctor or whichever Doctor the artists like to tip their hats to… its all very timey-whimey. According to Know Your Meme, that first image on the top left is the third Doctor… but that looks a lot like the Twelfth Doctor in “Heaven Sent” to me.

There are other variants of Doctor Who to be found around pop culture, from Psych t-shirts to major movie franchises, such as Bill and Ted. Yes, that Bill and Ted was nothing more than a Western Hemisphere take on Doctor Who, majority regressed for a younger grunge generation (mainly early millennials and late Gen X… yes, my generation… and I LOVE every brain cell killing moment!)

What are your favorite variants of Doctor Who in pop culture? Leave a comment!