Black Friday with The Good Doctor (Part 2)

Just like Black Friday is the antithesis of Thanksgiving, so too is the Tordos religion of the ideals of The Doctor. As I wrote about in the previous post, The Good Doctor tackles colonization and racism. However, on an even more overt level this story deals with a patriarchal society and how theocracy and theContinue reading “Black Friday with The Good Doctor (Part 2)”

Five Minute Reviews: The Last Dodo

During FMRs I have set a timer for five minutes and have only those five minutes in which to summarize my thoughts about a particular Doctor Who thing. It could be a book, comic, audio, episode, serial or more. However, it must be completed in five minutes or less. The five minutes does not includeContinue reading “Five Minute Reviews: The Last Dodo”

Why Different Release Dates for Doctor Who?

The new Shada DVD, the Missy Chronicles book, CLASS! You name it, if it’s Doctor Who, it takes longer to get to North America than the rest of the world… or at least the United Kingdom. There could be a lot of reasons for this: licensing, shipping arrangements, trying to time it with an audienceContinue reading “Why Different Release Dates for Doctor Who?”

Doctor Who: Complete History – Trial of A Time Lord

I bought my first copy of a Doctor Who: Complete History volume. Specifically, the one that covers “Trial of a Time Lord” season 23. Each issue of this encyclopedia like series usually covers at least two serials from the classic series or two episodes from the modern series. What makes this book so unique is that it coversContinue reading “Doctor Who: Complete History – Trial of A Time Lord”