Doctor Who Fluxx: Thirteenth Doctor

If you haven’t played Doctor Who Fluxx, you’re missing out. It’s a great combination of all the Doctors, many companions and plenty of villains. However, one of my fav Doctor Who games got an expansion which the hubby bought for me this weekend: The Thirteenth Doctor! For those who are not familiar with the game,Continue reading “Doctor Who Fluxx: Thirteenth Doctor”

Doctor Who Pinball

This pinball machine can be found at the Asheville Pinball Museum in Asheville, North Carolina. We spent our spring break up in the Appalachian Mountains hiking and looking at waterfalls. However, we also spent every afternoon and evening listening to the kids beg to go to the pinball museum. It was only after they stoppedContinue reading “Doctor Who Pinball”

Time of the Daleks aka: Revenge of the Board Games

This is not a board game for the faint of heart… or the quick to play. Time of the Daleks is a serious gamer’s board game that takes serious time. Or at least it does when you have no clue what you are doing, like me.

Doctor Who Games: Yahtzee

This Dalek was a gift from my husband, at some point. I genuinely cannot remember what for, of course neither can he. All we both know is that he surprised me with it one day. You see, it isn’t just a Dalek with movable eye-stalk and arms. It’s also a game. Specifically, it’s Doctor WhoContinue reading “Doctor Who Games: Yahtzee”

Doctor Who Games: Trivial Pursuit

I was able to get this game on clearance for $12. That probably says something about the quality. It’s not a full Trivial Pursuit board game. Just one of the collectible wedge versions. There are categories ranging from Time Lords and Companions to more esoteric choices… yes, you can get more esoteric than just theContinue reading “Doctor Who Games: Trivial Pursuit”