Doctor-Lite Sunday

There are episodes in the Doctor Whoniverse called “Doctor Lite.” They’re episodes that feature little to no Doctor as the protagonist and/or are only tangentially related to the Doctor. Some of the most famous are Blink, which is the first weeping angels episode and my favorite, but much reviled, Love and Monsters. There are plentyContinue reading “Doctor-Lite Sunday”

Doctor Who Fluxx: Thirteenth Doctor

If you haven’t played Doctor Who Fluxx, you’re missing out. It’s a great combination of all the Doctors, many companions and plenty of villains. However, one of my fav Doctor Who games got an expansion which the hubby bought for me this weekend: The Thirteenth Doctor! For those who are not familiar with the game,Continue reading “Doctor Who Fluxx: Thirteenth Doctor”

Black Friday with The Good Doctor (Part 2)

Just like Black Friday is the antithesis of Thanksgiving, so too is the Tordos religion of the ideals of The Doctor. As I wrote about in the previous post, The Good Doctor tackles colonization and racism. However, on an even more overt level this story deals with a patriarchal society and how theocracy and theContinue reading “Black Friday with The Good Doctor (Part 2)”

Happy Thanksgiving Doctor Who Fans

I’m taking a break from writing today, due to the large amount of cooking, etc. However, here is a brief list of the Doctor Who things I’m most thankful for: 1. Doctor Who’s involvement with Children In Need 2. Mr. Huffle 3. Teaching us that change is the one constant in life 4. Proving continuouslyContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving Doctor Who Fans”