Five Minute Reviews: Doctor Who’s Creepy Women In the Woods

I’m in the middle of listening to this audio adventure. There are two stories available on it, however the presence of Jean Marsh is so overwhelmingly creepy that I have to write about it now.

The story feels part Hansel and Gretel, part science fiction. Two sisters lure The Doctor and Mel to their cottage in the woods with pleas for company. However, it quickly becomes clear they have plans to turn one of them into food for a powerful unknown. Yet, it’s not completely clear who can be trusted. Obviously, the sisters are up to no good, but are the spirits looking to warn The Doctor and Mel any better?

Jean Marsh plays the controlling and manipulative sister in the pair. She sounds ever the villainous part that many fans are use to in Doctor Who episode Battlefield or the movie Willow. It is such an exciting listen that I had to stop mid-listen to share this amazing find!

On the negative side, Bonnie Langford’s Mel feels tired and more going through motions. It’s not the peppy-excited rendition from the Doctor Who episodes or even previous audios. This is disappointing, considering it is such a Mel centric episode. Colin Baker’s Doctor, though quick to see the truth of what is happening, feels very sidelined in the story… perhaps in an effort to allow March’s villainy to shine.

I highly recommend this audio.

Big Finish: The Wishing Beast


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