Why Different Release Dates for Doctor Who?

The new Shada DVD, the Missy Chronicles book, CLASS!

You name it, if it’s Doctor Who, it takes longer to get to North America than the rest of the world… or at least the United Kingdom. There could be a lot of reasons for this: licensing, shipping arrangements, trying to time it with an audience that no longer cares because it’s been over nine months and they’ve pirated the material by now (yes, that’s a Class TV show dig.) I genuinely do not understand the reason why, I just know it’s annoying.

I do not “do” many negative posts. There is a lot you could be negative about in Doctor Who fandom:

– lack of representation

– stereotypical or racists characters

– previous lead actors that support misogynistic messages

– Doctor Who set report tags on social media that get RT’d into your timeline against your will

Except for once complaining about how annoying perceived received fan wisdom can be, I avoid these topics, because it’s not celebrating the thing I love. I also feel there are much better and more knowledgeable people than myself already tackling these issues.

However, I would like to know why it takes so long for Doctor Who books and other media to take so long to get to North America. Titan Comics is able to release Doctor Who comics on the same schedule in both the United Kingdom, North America, as well as other comics markets around the world, without a hitch. So, why are books and DVDs so much more different? I get that there is a region difference in DVD releases, however if scheduled correctly they should still be released at the same time as other media. Books, too. Other publishers seem to have no problems releasing books across multiple markets, despite distance.

img_8232I had this same problem recently with Doctor Who: Tales of Terror. It was a Halloween themed anthology book, similar to the Twelve Doctors of Christmas. However, instead of coming out in October, it was not available until mid to late November in the United States. WHY?!

I understand the reason for the Complete History of Doctor Who encyclopedia style books about the series is due to the publisher only releasing in U.K. & Ireland. They send to wholesales distributors elsewhere, but do not handle those sales outside the U.K. on their own. I actually emailed directly asking about this one, since they are so pricey and hard to find in the U.S.

Does anyone have any insights that would be helpful? If so please leave a comment below so I can stop steaming about this and focus on something more fun.

Note: You can purchase The Missy Chronicles on Kindle for $10.99 in North America. However, the hardcover of the book is not available on US Amazon. It is only available through U.K. Amazon which requires extra shipping.



  1. blogtorwho1234

    Really interesting post! It can be so frustrating when you know others are viewing/reading before you! I live in the UK and my brother lives in the States so we often compare- although with Doctor Who we get a lot of the books and things earlier, I’ve watched the latest episode when airing at the same time as my brother but when it’s an American show I have to wait 😦 I totally get what you’re saying, there are a lot of people on the web though who go and specifically get things available in their country to ship over to others- never tried that myself but maybe an option for future books? I think everything should be released on the same date everywhere though to avoid spoilers!! 🙂


    1. Jessica Boyd

      I would love to have BBC One today… BBC America’s commercial breaks and no longer simulcasting, after that first episode, are painful. Don’t get me started on that horrendous “preview party show” or whatever that was that they made us watch over here. (LoL)


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