Merch Lord: Doctor Who Egg Cups

I ordered these egg cups awhile ago when I also ordered the First Doctor POP! Funko figure, from

I began eating soft boiled eggs last year. Eggs have been a weird journey from me. When I was a kid I would only eat scrambled eggs, and even then they had to have lots of ketchup. Plus, except for fried and hard boiled, it was the only type of eggs my mother made. As I grew older my hatred of eggs grew because I spent summers in high school teaching myself how to bake various pastries and the whole house would smell like eggs. It was vomit inducing.

However, something happened after I got married. Specifically, we visited a resort as a reward for my husband’s success at work. There I was able to try various types of eggs during breakfast. I had already taught myself to love deviled eggs because there were so many other flavors mixed in. Now, I was trying Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce, pouched and many others. It wouldn’t be until I was in my thirties before I would decide that pouched eggs are my favorite. However, have you ever pouched an egg? It’s not easy, and it’s messy.

So, last year someone suggested to me that if I liked pouched eggs I should try soft boiled eggs. It was then I realized I had never tried one. Ten minutes to boil water, and four minutes to boil the egg, and suddenly I was in heaven. The egg literally does not taste like an egg. The flavor is completely different. My mother always avoided soft boiled or undercooked eggs due to various food borne illnesses. I try to mentally work my way around this by only soft-boiling free range/cage free eggs. Of course, I didn’t own a single egg cup. I worked my way around this by trying to use espresso cups with flour or some other powder at the bottom to stabilize the egg. Good grief, that was a mess. I also could not bring myself to just buy any old egg cups. If I’m going to buy one more thing to clutter up my kitchen it’s going to be cute!

Which brings me to the Doctor Who eggs cups. I was about to breakdown and buy silicone boring egg cups I could afford when I found these darlings online. With an egg, and southern biscuit for dipping, it’s a very rich treat. (FYI: I couldn’t finish both these eggs. It became too rich in flavor after awhile. )

What are your favorite breakfast foods? Any Doctor Who merchandise you love to use in the kitchen? Leave a comment.


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