My Youngest Son’s Favorite Doctor

It’s time once again where I sit down with one my kids to discuss their favorite Doctor. Last time my daughter and I had a chat where she had the opportunity to gush about the Tenth Doctor… instead she ended up discussing her feelings about there being a woman Doctor coming up.

Then, I finally decided to tie myself to one Doctor for all time as being my favorite.

Now, I sit down with my youngest, to talk Doctor Who. He’s only seven. He’s sick. He’s playing video games and severely distracted while we spoke, but I pushed ahead. Plus, I thought I knew his answer: “War Doctor.” After all, he went nuts over there being the reveal of a secret Doctor and loves listening to Hurt’s Big Finish audio plays. However, that was not to be the case.

Jessica Boyd: Who is your favorite Doctor?

Youngest Boyd: Well, I would say, so far, the Twelfth Doctor.

JB: What is it that makes him your favorite.

YB: Well, that he is very positive.

JB: Positive? How is he positive? He started off making fun of Clara.

YB: No, like, at the end… he was going to save his friends and his past from changing.

JB: Are you talking about his “be kind” statements?

YB: Yes

JB: How do you think he grew or changed?

YB: He realized there are a lot of people in the world that need help so he started changing… he realized he was being very mean.

JB: What are some of your favorite things he was able to do?

YB: Sit in the Dalek ruler’s chair [Davros.] He carried a sonic screwdriver. I like his sunglasses. Oh, the guitar! I love the guitar!

JB: Who was your favorite Twelfth Doctor companion?

YB: The second one (Bill.)

JB: What was it about Bill that you liked?

YB: That she was very worried about the Doctor. She taught him kindness.

He also wanted everyone to know that the Twelfth Doctor was very smart. So, who is your favorite Doctor? Leave a comment.


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