Seventh Doctor’s New Comic Miniseries

I’m trying not to be bitter that the Seventh Doctor is getting a Titan Comics miniseries before the Sixth Doctor. I cannot say I am surprised. I saw hints and teases floating around Twitter awhile back, and knew the announcement was just a matter of time. This will be the fourth Classic Doctor miniseries for Titan Comics since they took over. While they currently publish the Prisoners of Time series, that was originally published by another company. Since Titan took the lead they have produced an Eighth, Fourth and Third Doctor Comics series. So far the Third Doctor Comics series garnered the most praise with the authentic dialogue provided by Paul Cornell and spot on character renderings by Chris Jones.

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Jones is also responsible for the art on this new series featuring Seven and Ace. Ace is probably one of the biggest reasons Seven is being pushed before any other classic Doctors. Rarely does a companion outshine and win hearts more than the actual Doctor. However, I think a strong argument could be made for this very thing with Ace. She is often considered the template for modern Doctor Who companions that would appear with the 2005 reboot. With gay storylines in stories, such as Battlefield (whether overt or accidental take your argument pick,) implied though not fully acknowledged background motivations due to abuse or unhealthy relationships in Ghostlight and Survival, plus her love of explosives, Ace is an extraordinary classic era companion.  I believe a Seventh Doctor mini would not be highly sought if it involved any other companion.  Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do you think? Check out the covers and preview page as well as part of the press release, below.

From Titan Comics:

“This June, BBC Worldwide Americas and Titan Comics are excited to announce that the Seventh Doctor is back, in comics! This brand-new three-part comic series stars the Seventh Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy, alongside classic companion Ace (Sophie Aldred).

Hitting stores and digital platforms in June 2018 with a double-sized first issue, DOCTOR WHO: THE SEVENTH DOCTOR #1, written by Seventh Doctor script editor and showrunner Andrew Cartmel, and writer Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London). Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor expands Titan Comics’ hugely popular and critically acclaimed Doctor Who comics line.”

You can read more from the press release here. 


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