Weekend Companion: Mickey Smith

Companion’s Name: Mickey Smith
Traveled with: Ninth & Tenth Doctor
Seasons: New Who 1-2, Season 4 appearance, The End of Time appearance
Best Known For: The cowardly companion who stopped chancing the girlfriend who didn’t want him and became the action hero an alternative universe needed.

Mickey Smith began as the biggest coward, who had been questioned about the disappearance and possible murder of his girlfriend who ran off with the Doctor in the New Who series reboot in 2005. Whether it was to provide Rose with motivation and make it easy to leave her boyfriend or RTD’s odd sense of humor, Mickey was not created to be likable. When first given the offer to climb aboard the TARDIS for good Mickey says he’s just not cut out for it.

However, something swiftly changed. Over the course of two seasons it is revealed that Mickey is knowledgeable with computer, the internet and hacking. We learn that he blames himself for his grandmother’s accidental death. We learn that he does have pride in himself and was willing to move on from Rose, even of he was afraid of telling her. Finally, when an alternate universe loses their much tougher, charismatic, rebellious version of him, he steps in to pick up the pieces and be that man. Mickey goes through a full character arc in the few minutes he is given throughout the first two seasons of the show. With the departure of Rose, and being stuck in an alternate universe, it looked as if Mickey would never show up again. However, his full transformation into action hero is revealed when the barrier between realities was weakened in Season 4.

It’s a moment that gives the character a wholeness for his journey, as well as a chance to return to his original reality. Of course, just before the Doctor’s regeneration, he was given a tacked on happy ending with another companion, that somewhat undermined that companion’s character arc.

What do you think about Mickey Smith? Be sure to leave a comment.


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