Doctor Who Coloring Books

I’ve never been a huge coloring person. I wasn’t one of those kids that went crazy for coloring. I know sort of that was the fact that I went so long without glasses in elementary so I could barely see any lines. Then by third grade, I could see but I just didn’t care. However, the adult coloring book trend sinked some vicious claws into me when it began. Batgirl, A-Force, Locke & Key, I was buying them left and right. So when Doctor Who coloring books hit I had to have them.

As you can see, despite having two books I haven’t finished many pictures. I guess I’m more of a dot-to-dot person. So, when I found a Doctor Who coloring book app I downloaded it but went a long time without opening it up or trying it out. The other night I decided to do just that.

  1. Inside I found a menu filled with choices more categorized than the paced and evenly distributed pages of the printed coloring book. Broken down in Doctors, Monsters and more specific categories the pages seemed easier to find what I wanted to color. Of course, being an app, it was much faster to color than trying to evenly shade with my color pencils. It allowed me to identify that if I’m just wanting a quick feeling of completion or accomplishment then I reach for the app. If I am looking to make something I feel is beautiful then I reach for the printed books. Either way, it’s an easy way to add a little bit of Doctor Who into my day.

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