Five Minute Reviews: Dr. Sixth

Welcome to a new feature: Five Minute Reviews.

During FMRs I have set a timer for five minutes and have only those five minutes in which to summarize my thoughts about a particular Doctor Who thing. It could be a book, comic, audio, episode, serial or more. However, it must be completed in five minutes or less. The five minutes does not include time for adding media, or corrections that might come at a later date. However no additions in thought can be added. So, let the timer begin!

Type of review: Book

Title: Dr. Sixth

Based on Mr. Men by Roger Hargreaves

Written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves

This has to be one of the most faithful interpretations in the Mr. Men/ Dr. Men canon. Here we have Sixie and Peri who are forced to land after time begin to get twisted. This leads to a discovery about the Rani, a blue planet and of course is resolved by the Sixth’s Doctor’s righteous anger.
The references to the Rani of course are all about her ability to hypnotize people. The blue planet calls back to the mourning color for the planet found on Revelation of the Daleks as well as the corner of fandom who wish Sixie’s outfit was all in shades of blue. Finally, Sixie’s righteous anger is a superpower unto itself that can’t help but make you laugh.
If you are concerned that the book focuses too much on the problematic elements of the Sixth’s Doctor’s personality from his first season, don’t be. While it does have a moment of “correcting” dialogue between Six and Peri, it also has a classic moment of Peri condensing everything Six has to say, proving his verbose nature gets the best of him. It’s a helpful understanding of the Sixth Doctor’s basic nature and desire to come across as egotistical that is more about his charming side than his exasperating side.
These books are so good at distilling each Doctor down to their basic components. If anyone has ever been confused about what the Sixth Doctor is all about I highly recommend this one.


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