Weekend Companion: Alice Obiefune

Companion’s Name: Alice Obiefune
Traveled with: Eleventh Doctor& War Doctor
Seasons: Titan Comic Series
Best Known For: Helping to stop numerous alien incursions, helping the War Doctor in the Last Great Time War, co-parent/raised The Sapling with Eleventh Doctor.

An laid off library assistant, with her life in tatters, has a run in with the Eleventh Doctor, and her life is never the same. Being a former library assistant, I always felt like Alice was the “mother” in the TARDIS, despite never having any children of her own. The child of a single mom, her father died at a young age. She then lost her mother just before her job, her home and all the ties that bound her to Earth. However, as a library assistant she was always helping out her community. These characteristics seems to spill over in her travels with the Eleventh Doctor.

She cares for others that wander into the TARDIS, calls out the Doctor when he maybe too alien or elitist, and is the first to use compassion as a tool to defuse risky situations. All these things seemed to come to a head in the last east “season” of the comic series, Year Three. Just as the Meta-Crisis Doctor was created by a combination of the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble, a fusion of DNA between Alice and the Doctor helped to produce a being capable of destroying the universe, called The Sapling. However, Alice and the Doctor raised The Sapling to fight its destructive nature. The whole storyline came to a tear rending climax just this last month.

With the fate of Titan Comics various comic lines up in the air, it is unclear if Alice will get as much page space or a satisfying conclusion as other companions. However, there are three “seasons” of Alice to currently enjoy and I can not recommend each of them highly enough. The Eleventh Doctor is not my favorite modern Doctor, but Alice makes every issue worth it.

Have you read any of Alice’s stories? What did you think? Leave a comment!


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