Doctor Who Games: Yahtzee

    1. This Dalek was a gift from my husband, at some point. I genuinely cannot remember what for, of course neither can he. All we both know is that he surprised me with it one day. You see, it isn’t just a Dalek with movable eye-stalk and arms. It’s also a game.

    1. Specifically, it’s Doctor Who Yahtzee. This game comes in two variations. One is with a TARDIS storage case/dice roller. The second is the 9ne you see here, that I received from my Dalek obsessive husband. (They’re his favorite villains, in Doctor Who.)

      1. The dice straddle an odd line between Classic and New Who. Some values feature the Eleven-Twelve era sonic screwdriver, River Song’s Diary, the TARDIS, and Eleven’s fez.

      The choices from the Classic era include four’s scarf and K-9 (which could argue the latter is also modern era given his appearance in School Reunion.) It’s a fun variation to have around the house.

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