Feminizing The Doctor

Before the announcement of the Thirteenth Doctor would be a woman there was a common and fashionably adorable occurrence in Doctor Who cosplay: feminized versions of Doctor Who costumes. Really, it’s just making dress versions of the Doctor Who costumes. The ones that are found on Pinterest, Etsy and blogs are gorgeous!

In everyday life I’m not a dress person. However, there is something about these almost Lolita stylized versions of the Doctor… it almost makes me willing to shave my legs. If I could afford this dress from Darling Army, in my size, it would be heaven! And, the Tenth Doctor isn’t even in my top five Doctor choices. Any Doctor that you can imagine has a dress version found somewhere online.

I tried a very poor version of this once for Heroes Con, several years ago. Instead of going for an actual dress I attempted to throw together separates in a slapdash fashion. Since it was a copy of modern Doctors it just looked like I was wearing an awkwardly fitting business outfit. The Classic Doctor redesigns are much more clear in their intent. This is a Sixth Doctor dress design by an Etsy seller named Frockasaurus, that has long been no longer available. The design is so detailed and continues to make rounds on Pinterest and fan blogs (yes, like mine) every few months, if not more often.

The basics of all of these designs seem to be adapting the pants into skirts or dresses, any waistcoats then get adapted into bustiers or sweetheart necklines over formal collar shirts. The ties and jackets tend to be intact from original designs, although might be more tightly brought in around the waistline. Petticoats are not a must, but add plenty of fullness.

Are there any Doctor dress or skirt cosplay designs that stand out, for you? Are you a Doctor Who cosplayer? I’d love to see your pictures and hear your comments. Also, check out my fav Second Doctor cosplay by Haley Alice-West, over on Pinterest.


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