Why I’ve Chosen the Sixth Doctor

I have chosen the Sixth Doctor as my all-time favorite Doctor. Sure, there is a very high probability that Jodie Whitaker’s Thirteenth Doctor could make this post a moot point, until then… Sixie wasn’t my first Doctor. That was the Ninth Doctor. I had tried out most other classic Doctors by the time I watched the Sixth Doctor. I was caught up to the Matt Smith era for New Who (just before the 50th anniversary.) I was very shocked and confused by him the first time I watched his serials. The Sixth Doctor dresses in garish fashion, has a very abrasive personality and thinks much to highly of himself. So, why do I like him, now? Here are a few reasons why I’ve recently chosen Sixie:

1. He’s so good, Moffat copied him:

Before Capaldi was stopping around and asking if he was a good man, Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor had already lived a life of pompous windbaggery. I’ve previously mentioned that his curmudgeon bickering relationship with Peri was almost a template for what would occur between Twelve and Clara.

While this antagonistic take was used to almost cancel Doctor Who in 1985 (not the first time, FYI,) it mellowed into something very familiar that has been seen several times in the modern era, such as Ten and Donna, along with Twelve and Clara. The audio dramas from Big Finish have further softened the Sixth Doctor into a very noble iteration.

2. He’s got a temper, and he’s not afraid to use it.

This should be something that angers me.

This should be something that makes me write off Six. After all, I’m the one who found the Fourth Doctor too pompous to cheer. However, there is something about his righteous indignation that I find comforting. He does not suffer foolishness or evil. Sometimes, this causes him to break his own long standing moral codes. After all, the Sixth Doctor was one of the few who was willing to openly commit murder… for the greater good and safety of all, of course (IE: The Two Doctors in Season 23.) While this doesn’t fit into the ideals and lessons I’ve come to love about Doctor Who, I also find it comforting. Even the Doctor went through emotional periods where he made mistakes, and his emotions took over. It’s almost like a preteen, crazy period of his life where Time Lord puberty ruled above all and his self-control was almost gone.

3. He’s one of the few Doctors that has traveled with older women, and appreciated them

I cannot emphasize enough the amazing role Big Finish has played in helping craft my love of the Sixth Doctor. With the hiatus/Lost Season, and the general shortened tenure of the Sixth Doctor, the audio plays have added lots of depth. One of those pieces is Sixth Doctor Companion Evelyn Smythe (played by Maggie Stables.) This professor of history was at the end of her teaching career when she met the Doctor in The Marian Conspiracy. We are give quips and comments that say the Doctor is willing to travel with many and not only interested in young, physically attractive women. However, the show rarely, if ever, shows this. Evelyn’s time with the Sixth Doctor is full of humor, warmth and genuinely collegiate discussion that shows a side that usually only hinted at in the television show.

Also, the Sixth Doctor has traveled with a shapeshifting penguin, in audios and comics. It’s hard to top that.

4. Trial of a Time Lord

It doesn’t seem to matter what I watch, I keep rewatching this season when I need comfort. Maybe it’s the old married couple feeling the Doctor and Peri give off. Perhaps it is the political intrigue of the Doctor’s trial. Maybe it’s just the way Sixie finds new and different ways to insult the Valeyard. However, whenever I’m feeling sick and tired this is the season I always want to watch. Peri is given one of the most insane exits for a companion, that I’ve ever seen. Mel Bush has the most timey-whimey introductions for the show (thank you again Big Finish for playing around with this!)

While I’ve never been able to pin down why, this is MY classic season. I can never watch it enough.

These are just some of many reasons I love the Sixth Doctor. Who is your favorite Doctor, and why? Make sure to leave a comment!



  1. geekhutdrone

    He’s got a temper and is not afraid to use it – YES – The main problem I see with the current Doctor is she just gets on with everyone. A bit of conflict, a passion against one’s enemy, this is what makes a Doctor compelling. The current get-along-gang it somewhat boring.


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