Do I need Doctor Who Bobbleheads?

I wasn’t really a collector of licensed things. I didn’t have a bunch of stuff cluttering the house.

However, one holiday or birthday, or something, my mother bought me a Sheldon bobblehead (yes, that Sheldon, from Big Bang Theory.) I wasn’t a fan of the show, but I think my mother thought I might related to his character too much. That same year I also received Psych bobbleheads which I cherished. The combination of these two items sent me on a spiral of collecting that I’ve never really recovered from. This has been even more clear since becoming a Doctor Who fan.

Since moving I have become somewhat more particular about what I buy. I’ve even begun selling off pieces of my Batgirl collection. However, I do wonder: should I buy Doctor Who bobbleheads?

They are about $30 a piece. They are available for many, but not all of the Doctors and companions. We already have an extensive Texas Rangers bobblehead collection, which I’ve been trying to convince the husband to get a display cabinet.

So, what do you think? Unnecessary expense, or fun addition?


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