Merch Lord: Where to find Doctor Who Pop! Funko

I have a lot of Doctor Who POP! figures. I do not quiet have all of them. This is mostly because some of the companions and villains make me shrug my shoulders. Sometimes the need to be a completionist takes over. That’s not the case for this particular line of collectibles. Besides, I’m running out of room on my mantle.

There is one Pop! I desperately wanted to get my hands on, the moment I saw it was going to the released: The First Doctor!

As a 2017 Fall Convention exclusive, it was hard to find. Often places like Hot Topic or other licensed stores get a limited amount, then they sell quickly. However, it was during this time period I was preoccupied with moving across the country, and did not even think to look up if the figure would show up in any stores.

Many times, when this happens, or if your store sells out to quickly, many people think they are doomed to overpay a reseller on ebay or Amazon. Before you hand over $65, I do have one suggestion when hunting down Doctor Who Pop! that no longer seem to be available for a reasonable price: try looking online at overseas retailers. For example: has the First Doctor Pop! for $15 ($18.99 AU.) Now, as I’ve mentioned before, they have a hefty flat shipping rate of $14. So, if you are going to order from there it’s better to order multiple items. Currently, the First Doctor figure is selling for $36 on the US Amazon site.

British and Australian retailers and distributors tend to get larger stocks than American retailers. This often means items that shoot up in price quickly in the U.S. can be found for at or below retail if you’re willing to pay for shipping. This is something I’ve only ever done when buying multiple items, to make the shipping and wait time worth it. However, it feels great to feel like you’re getting a bargain, even if it’s just paying retail and not the inflated price.

One more suggestion: check you local comic book store. If your LCS doesn’t immediately hike up prices on collectibles as soon as they come in, these can often be great stores for finding unexpected supply. Most LCS stores across the country have diversified what type of items they offer, in order to increase profits. Along with comics and graphic novels, many offer board games and collectibles. Madness Games and Comics in Plano, TX is one example of a store that has a whole aisle of Pop! Funko at retail price. Their traffic level causes their supply to turn over regularly. However, I have found many a Doctor Who Pop! there for at or below retail, long after it’s price has inflated dramatically online. So, make sure you give your LCS a chance.


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