Doctor Who Block Buddies

I’ll keep this short because I still do not have a computer/keyboard and fighting my tiny phone buttons with sausage fingers.

We went to Legopalooza today. While there we discovered this table covered with pop culture LEGO Block Buddies, also known as Brick Buddies. If you’re not aware, LEGO Buddies are minimalistic LEGO figures built from square bricks. The brilliance of these figures is that a single one is almost unrecognizable. However in a set, they immediately trigger your visual memory and the desire of your brain to recognize patterns. That’s when you can see what property is being referenced.

At the end of the table was a mixed up set of Doctor Who LEGO Buddies. My daughter immediately asked the builder if she could put them in order and got to work. He thanked her for volunteering, claiming he could no longer remember what order they went in, without looking at his phone. This particular grouping did not include the War Doctor or the Thirteenth. She quickly set to work and unfortunately had to deal with her brothers and myself butting in to help, even though she wanted to work alone.

The builder (whose name a very much regret not getting, but there was a large crowd and anxiety and other factors involved) told us that while you cannot find straight patterns for various Buddies online you can find pictures through Flickr and build your own. It actually took me quiet awhile of online searching to find them, so here are some links:

Happy building!


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