Is Mr. Huffle worth $14 in shipping?

I was not immediately a Mr. Huffle fan.

He was an inanimate squeaker toy used to intimidate the Twelfth Doctor into talking. My husband was dying laughing and I just didn’t get it, at the time. Then, I saw that exact same scene with at group of teenagers. There would be some days when the weather was bad and we could not go outside, so I would put on select episodes of Doctor Who that I thought would catch their attention. The season 10 Christmas special was one of the episodes I immediately identified as one this group of teens would be interested in watching. From the superhero references to cheesy jokes, I knew it was something that they’d find humorous.

Mr. Huffle came on screen and the whole room erupted in laughter. I couldn’t help but laugh along with them. It was contagious. Ever since, every time I watch that special Mr. Huffle makes me belly laugh. Seeing him aboard the TARDIS at the end of the episodes gave me so much hope for season 10. Needless to say, I was was rather upset when he never made another appearance, afterward. I was also greatly disappointed the BBC didn’t jump on this merchandising opportunity and immediately produce their own line of Mr. Huffle toys. The toy isn’t some generic toy, but was custom designed for the episode. Which means, by not making it, the BBC was just leaving money out there on the table.

That was until I went to make a purchase on

I was getting a pair of egg cups, and a missing Pop Funko, as well as a few other items when I saw special pre-order for a replica Mr. Huffle. At $16.21 (US,) this squeeze toy was already cheaper than many other Doctor Who toys. However, the website has a flat international shipping fee: $14! Don’t get me wrong. I have friends in Australia I have mailed things to… I understand that it can get expensive sending things across the world. However, it changes the question: is Mr. Huffle worth $30?

The diehard fan in me wants to scream, that no matter the cost, this keepsake is just “FANTASTIC!” The other part of me that sees a cluttered house, and a shrinking bank account rolls it’s eyes and sighs heavily.

Before you say, “Check Amazon” or any other local online retailer, I’d like to point out that this replica is the only one of Mr. Huffle available right now. Distributed only by Ikon Collectibles, which is an Australian/New Zealand wholesale distributor. Most others online who are selling the toy are getting it from Ikon and charging even more than the total from the website (IE: one Canadian seller is charging $30 CA + $12 shipping.)

What do you think? Is Mr. Huffle worth the pricey shipping? Leave a comment.



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