My Daughter’s Favorite Doctor

My daughter is in elementary school. She knows that I’ve been working on this blog. She has been keenly aware of this fact since the post where I asked them about Twice Upon A Time. Since then, she has been begging me to interview her again, but this time so she can go on about her favorite Doctor Who Doctor.

So, without further ado-

Jessica Boyd: Who is your favorite Doctor in Doctor Who?

Hubby in falsetto voice: Matt Smith, because he’s fun and…

Elizabeth (interrupting her father imitating her): I have to say, it would probably be David Tennant; but I also like Tom Baker.

JB: Why is the Tenth Doctor your favorite Doctor?

EB: Because, he’s was the first Doctor that I knew. He had Rose as a companion and I really liked Rose. Rose was a great companion… I’m turning this story into a companion interview.

JB: So, what was it about Rose that you liked?

EB: She was a normal person. She survived through almost anything, like when the Doctor regenerated.

JB: What else do you want to say about her?

EB: I like her haircut? And she was the “Bad Wolf” which was fun.

At this point she begins to realize everything she likes about Rose happened with the Ninth Doctor.

JB: So, now that you realize that all these things happened with the Ninth Doctor, are you more a Ninth Doctor fan?

EB: I honestly don’t know… I haven’t seen all his episodes.

JB & Hubby: You’ve seen all the Ninth Doctor episodes.

EB: Well, then I don’t remember them.

JB: What is it about the Fourth Doctor that you like?

Hubby in falsetto voice: Because he reminds me so much of Matt Smith.

EB (interrupting again): I’m not sure. I like all his adventures. They were all interesting. Since I watched New Who, before Classic, the Fourth Doctor reminded me more of New Who adventures, which I really liked. And, I liked his long scarf. It’s nice and pretty and I want one.

* I asked her later if it was the multicolor scarf or the purple scarf she liked and wanted… she said, “Both!” *

JB: Is there anything else you want to add?

EB: All the Doctors are really cool. Those two are my favorite because they’re adventurous. My new favorite Doctor might be the Thirteenth because SHE IS AWESOME *EB then punches the air.*


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