Doctor Who Games: Trivial Pursuit

I was able to get this game on clearance for $12. That probably says something about the quality. It’s not a full Trivial Pursuit board game. Just one of the collectible wedge versions. There are categories ranging from Time Lords and Companions to more esoteric choices… yes, you can get more esoteric than just the show itself.

In fact this game has a category simply for you to guess what other British media actors, producers, directors, etc. were involved in that have nothing to do with the Doctor Who show. It’s rather infuriating when you’re trying to win. It’s rather infuriating when you’re trying to just get people to play with you. My family members struggle with just answering questions about the show. Add in these additional details as well as broadcast dates or names of episodes and you get a full on rebellion on your hands.

The dice features multicolor Daleks.  I understand that the metaphor is that they Dalek’s are attacking with the questions. Without the board there is a lost opportunity to have multidimensional playing possibilities… almost like a 3D chess … or like Star War Clue which featured a two story Death Star board. So, instead of randomly landing on a color spot on the board you simply answer the category color you land on with your Dalek. My husband made a comment about how that sucked even more of the fun out of it. He does not like trivia games as much as I do (because I always win,) but noted that the randomness of the board and the fact you had to make your way back to the middle always made him feel like he had a chance.

The questions do not include the Twelfth Doctor and only go up to the 50th anniversary. If you find it on clearance, like I did then it might be nice to pick up. However, I do not recommend going out of your way to purchase this game.


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