Playing Doctor

We are currently having snow days in North Carolina. From what I’ve been told, 8 inches of snow is not a normal thing around here. This means that most roads are not clear or safe enough to drive on. So, the kids have either been getting wet in the snow or cooped up indoors. Due to this latter problem I had to put a moratorium on their regular electronics habits.

To my delight, both my sons decided this meant they would be recreating Twice Upon A Time in their own image. The problem? Both were playing as the First Doctor and treating the other as the Twelfth Doctor. It was hilarious to see them each trying to use dialogue and play to try and trick the other into taking on the late Capaldi role. By the time they were winding down they had both “regenerated” multiple times, and gone through my sonic screwdriver collection at a fiery pace. At one point, they got all the way up to 101 regenerations! But always, through some sort of time-whimey imaginative play, they reversed back to the First Doctor.

When I asked my oldest son about why he likes to pretend play Doctor Who he replied, “Action! There’s so much action… and drama. Plus I love the science-fiction!” This somehow lead him down a logical path of eventually singing the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song.

“I feel that Doctor Who is amazing,” my nine year old daughter told me, “because there is so much adventure. I love how some companions are telling the Doctor, ‘We should do this!’ ‘No, we should do this,‘ and it always leads to something crazy. My favorite episode is probably any of them where two Doctors or three Doctors meet. My favorite episode probably is Twice Upon A Time.” Since we were talking about the historic Christmas special I decided to go ahead and ask her about the new Doctor. My daughter said that she thinks it’s amazing that they’re finally letting the Doctor be a woman because they’ve had over 800 episodes where the only women were companions, “I feel like this time they’re finally letting women be the main character. That’s really good.”

My oldest son says this about the new Doctor, “It’s amazing. It’s historical, but it could lead to disastrous events when it comes to communicating on the team [fans.] For most of the Doctor’s time he has regenerated as a male. It could lead to fighting [between fans.]” When I asked him if it was something worth fighting over, he said having a woman as the Doctor is something worth the fighting.

Of course, my seven year old said he liked the First Doctor so much because he threatened to spank Bill across the bottom. Apparently, he thought that was hilarious. So, for every two steps forward…


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