Merch Lord: Speakers and Headphones

Sometimes you just go overboard. This may be one of those times, but there was a sale, and I needed a speaker and new headphones. So, here we are.

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First up, the Bluetooth TARDIS speaker. The packaging was pretty cute with the St. John’s Ambulance logo for the tamper seal stickers on either side of the bottom of the box. At first I was afraid I would need a screwdriver to get the speaker out of the packaging, however the screws were easy to take out by hand. At this point I will shake my head at the lost opportunity for the cords that came with the speaker. Instead of having them a TARDIS blue, matching white or even just traditional black color the speaker came with bright red, almost orange cables. It comes with a micro USB to USB cord as well as an AUX audio cable. There are four buttons on the front, with all of the buttons doubling up in functions. The phone symbol connects to the Bluetooth enabled device as well as make calls, if you are using your phone. The volume buttons also skip through tracks depending upon how long you hold them down. Every time you connect the TARDIS landing sound is enabled as well as flashing lights, and every time you disconnect sounds and lights warn you, as well as when battery charge is low. This latter option can be slightly annoying because the sounds are not short and interrupt if you are listening to a podcast or music. For the most part the sounds and lights are a cute addition, however I do wish there was a easy switch available for turning this option off.

The TARDIS Bluetooth speaker is currently $50 over on

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My second audio purchase was a set of folding Doctor Who themed headphones. They are advertised as being “noise cancelling.” While there is a large amount of noise blocked out by the headphones, do not expect the same amount of noise reduction for the expensive Beats styled headphones. I did find the cushion on the ears to be comfortable and the sound quality perfectly fine for my podcast listening needs.  Once again, the box had the St. John’s Ambulance tamper stickers on the box. The metal pieces of the headphones are labeled with “Type 40,” a reference to the type of TARDIS the Doctor travels with, as well as the Police Public Call Box logo along the top. The headphones fold easily and come with a nice velvet bad with the Doctor Who logo along the front. The black headphones, like I found on clearance, are currently $35 on Amazon from a third party seller, while the white version of the headphones are $30.  The headphones have some low reviews for not turning on or staying on long enough after a couple of weeks of use. With any electronic I always recommend making sure you do not leave them on the charger or do not overcharge them so much that you kill any battery life.


Are there any Doctor Who electronics or logo merchandise that you love? Share them in the comments!


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