Doctor Who Royal Rumble: Part 2

royalrumble2If the Doctors had a fight, who would win? When we last left off the Fourth, Sixth and Seventh Doctor were left in the ring, after defeating all their predecessors, and for one Doctor, his replacement regeneration.

Here is a quick recap-

The Fourth Doctor has the physical height and strength to overpower his opponents, as well as the most experience in physical fights, with his violent encounter from The Deadly Assassin.

The Sixth Doctor has physicality, weight, and aggression on his side. If the Doctors had a Rusev among them, the Sixth Doctor would be it.

The Seventh Doctor may not look like him physically, but he has the personality and tricky streak of Bray Wyatt. Beware when the lights go out, because the Seventh Doctor may just sneak up from behind to take you out, like he did the Fifth Doctor.

Round 4:

giphy10[1]The Seventh Doctor created chaos in his wake. No one knows who is on the other person’s side, so all three Doctors go after one another, while trying to make sure neither works together to get them over the top rope. The Seventh Doctor, recognizing he is at a major disadvantage between the bigger two Doctors mostly played keep away, with quick hits and fast dashes into corners or away from the major action between the bigger two.

The Eighth Doctor makes an entrance, after our three Doctors from before have tussled for awhile. He has the build of a high flyer, ala Gentleman Jack Gallagher, yet, instead he chooses instead a grappling and technical style more aligned with Tyler Bate or Finn Balor.

Paired off now, the Eighth Doctor is paired off with the Seventh and the Fourth Doctor with the Sixth. Now, with a singular focus, the Fourth Doctor is more dangerous than ever. The Sixth Doctor chops to the chest hard, however, the Fourth Doctor is more dominating. It doesn’t take long for the Eighth Doctor to twist and turn the arms of the Seventh Doctor into submission, making him spinning over the top rope child’s play… he’s out.

Meanwhile, the Fourth Doctor gets the Sixth Doctor into a corner. Before anything else can happen, he sweeps the Sixth Doctor up by the legs and flips him over the ropes as well.

Round 5:

eighthdoctorThe Fourth Doctor towers over the leaner Eighth Doctor, each staring each other down. Just as they are about to charge… the Ninth Doctor comes barreling out, rushes the ring and grabs the Fourth Doctor from behind. He puts the Fourth Doctor in a headlock, while the Eighth Doctor rushes forward to lift the other side of the Fourth Doctor over.

Before the Ninth Doctor even fully enters the ring, the Fourth Doctor is up and over the top ropes, and out of the picture.

Round 6:

ninthdoctorThe Ninth and Eighth Doctor shift between grappling and hitting. The Ninth Doctor does not throw his height and weight around, like the Fourth Doctor, instead relying more on skill. The War Doctor looks on from the announcer table, relieved to see some actual wrestling occurring instead of tricks and overt unskilled aggression.

Who do you think should go on to face the rest of the modern Doctors? Take the poll, plus leave your thoughts in the comments!


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