Dr. Whooves

My goal is to write about Doctor Who every day this year. So along those lines I’d like to quickly talk to you about Dr. Whooves.

He is the My Little Pony version of Doctor Who. There have been several regenerations of Dr. Whooves in the background of the My Little Pony cartoons, over the years, to match whomever is the current Doctor or whichever Doctor the artists like to tip their hats to… its all very timey-whimey. According to Know Your Meme, that first image on the top left is the third Doctor… but that looks a lot like the Twelfth Doctor in “Heaven Sent” to me.

There are other variants of Doctor Who to be found around pop culture, from Psych t-shirts to major movie franchises, such as Bill and Ted. Yes, that Bill and Ted was nothing more than a Western Hemisphere take on Doctor Who, majority regressed for a younger grunge generation (mainly early millennials and late Gen X… yes, my generation… and I LOVE every brain cell killing moment!)

What are your favorite variants of Doctor Who in pop culture? Leave a comment!


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