Hunting Doctor Who … Books

I love books. The older I get, the less time I seem have to actually read them. However, that doesn’t keep the collecting bug from biting hard, most weekends.

When I lived in Texas there was this great used bookstore chain called Half Priced Books. With stores across the country, it was just a matter of time for me to find Target paperbacks of old Doctor Who stories. I would play a waiting game, a few would show up on the shelves of one of the four locations I regularly scouted around the DFW area.

Paying around $3-4 a book, I was cheaper than what was online. Plus, it fulfilled another need: the hunt. When I first began collecting comics, on a larger scale than just my few Spider-Man and X-Men books, I lost my mind with hunting for specific stories, online. However, my friend Aaron Meyers talked me off a financial ledge by putting things in perspective. He told me, buying books should be about the journey, finding them in person, hunting them down and getting a deal. Basically he was telling me to make it an experience.

I applied those same principles to looking for Doctor Who books as well.

Leaving Texas had me return to online book hunting. The nearest Half Price Books is 322 miles away. While I don’t mind preordering the newest books online, it still bothers me to get used books there. The few I did get this last month were still newer books, from the Eleventh and Tenth eras. While nice to have, it didn’t have the same emotional magic as physically finding them.

There are great used bookstores in North Carolina, even more than in Texas. The problem is that none of them have Doctor Who books. Well, none that I could find, until today. We went to three used bookstores. At the last store, one we had been to just a short time ago, I found this hardcover copy of The Adventures of Doctor Who. It combines three of the novelizations into one book: “Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks,” “Doctor Who and the Revenge of the Cybermen,” and “Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster.” I probably over paid, at $20. However, the excitement of getting to find it, in person, was wonderful. It’s an odd feeling, being surrounded by more used bookstores than I ever have in my life, yet finding little to no Doctor Who books. Hopefully it makes every book that I do find that much more worth the hunt.


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