Weekend Companion: Jo Grant


Companion’s Name: Jo Grant

Traveled with: Third Doctor

Seasons: Classic Who Seasons 8-10; Sarah Jane Adventures Death of the Doctor; Iris Wyidthyme & Big Finish Audios

Best Known For: Asking the Doctor just the right questions for the Doctor to answer, and doing the opposite of everything he asked of her.

1c54a1fa82cd693b1c177ca1a103c255--jo-omeara-jon-pertwee[1]Jo Grant was the assistant who took her science A levels… but she never said she passed. After the competent scientist Liz Shaw was written out of the show, Jo appeared to be the antithesis. However, while Jo made it clear that she didn’t always understand the Doctor, she was a modern girl in many others. Often, when the Doctor asked her not to go exploring or handling things on her own, she did anyway. While this sometimes caused trouble, many other times it lead to the resolution or salvation of the Doctor.

There are many who have qualified Jo as one of the classic “scream” girls found on Doctor Who. However, her curiosity and desire to to protect the Doctor lead her more times than not into danger and acts of bravery. Jo was often the diplomatic one, of the traveling pair, who was able to keep people from being upset with the big ego Third Doctor.

There are many intimate moments between Jo and the older Third Doctor, which has lead to many an interesting fan fiction online. Even actress Katy Manning has stated that she believes Jo and the Doctor were in love, but in a kind and respectful way that transcended more modern romantic love many fans think of, such as with the Tenth Doctor.

Best Episodes: Season 8- Terror of the Autons, The Daemons, Season 9- Curse of Peladon, Carnival of Monsters, Season 10- Frontier in Space, The Green Death.

If you want to check out the best, easiest of cheapest places to watch these episodes, check out the Where to Watch Doctor Who post.


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