I knew this day would come: The Doctor Who podcasts.

I really don’t want to write a blog post today.
It was bound to happen. Here we are, eleven days into the year and I do not want to write about Doctor Who. Am I willing to watch Doctor Who? Of course. Read a Doctor Who book? Maybe. Listen to a Doctor Who podcast? Definitely.
So, with that in mind, and the fact that my goal is to write about Doctor Who for all 365 days in the year, I’m going to list my favorite Doctor Who podcasts:

Verity- This is the podcast I’ve been listening two for the last two days. I normally stay immediately up to date with each episode that drops on Wednesday. However, with my move I had not listened to the show since the end of November. 2017 was a great year for this show because they spent most of the non-season episodes playing Doctor Who trivia and challenge games. They were hilarious. I love this podcast a lot, and it’s women centered perspective.

Radio Free Skaro- This is the closest thing to an old school Doctor Who podcast I’ll bother to check out. It’s hosted by three dudes, who are also white. However, they are very self-aware of this fact and are quick to point out they are aware that it can cloud their perspectives and opinions. There are a lot of deep cuts and references in this podcast, and they incorporate a lot of Classic Who history into their discussions. Since this podcast has been around for so long and the hosts attend lots of Doctor Who conventions they are able to get great guests on the show.

Lazy Doctor Who– This is a podcast put together by a husband/wife duo who respectively are part of the previous two podcasts mentioned. They sit around with their iPhone, after watching an episode of Doctor Who and talk about it. They key is that they are watching the series in order, since it’s beginning in 1963. At this time they are finally into the second Doctor adventures, which is interesting since most of it is audio or reconstruction material.

This Week In Time Travel- I’m not as regular about this show, but it’s usually a lot of fun and very culturally aware. The hosts are  and  and provide a lot of great perspectives.

These are the main podcasts I listen to… although I’m behind on all. The Incomparable network is to blame for one leading me to another and then another.

Downside? The shows lack any POC perspective.

There are a few other podcasts I have listened to before but have not become a regular subscriber just yet. They include the Oodcast (Humor and Entertainment) and Panel to Panel (Doctor Who Comics.)

Are there any great Doctor Who podcasts you listen to? Leave a comment and let everyone know!


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