Merch Lord: Doctor Who Purses

I have a thing for purses. Since my mother has a thing for purses, I used to think it was weird she collected purses, and a laughed at her every time she bought a new purse I have know karma is to blame for me having a thing for purses. However, it’s different from my mother’s thing. For her, it was any purse that was pretty and matched the color she was going after. For me, it has to be geek chic.

See, we’re not talking about your run of the mill, slap on your favorite artwork society 6 tote bag. We’re not talking about logo’d messengers or could have sewn it yourself hobo styles. No, we are talking sleek, chic and (technically manufactured so they’re everywhere unless you don’t know where to look*) unique.

I own two such Doctor Who purses.

The first was found at Hot Topic. It was as the beginning of my purse collecting phase, I was able to get one on clearance, so it was only around $25. As of the writing of this it is on sale for $35. What’s nice about it is that this satchel has a wide opening, and curves out. These things are essential if you like to carry lots of odds and ends around. Besides the main cavity, there are drop pockets along one side and then a zippered pocket on the other. The decorations themselves are just the “Police Public Call Box” metal piece, a dangling TARDIS chain and some gears printed along the sides. This bag is a navy color and not any shade of TARDIS blue. While the purse has been around since the Eleventh Doctor, it feels more like it fits in with the beginning of Season 8, and the Twelfth Doctor’s time period.

The second purse I bought just this past week. It’s a Bioworld mini handbag. It’s important to remember that if you try to use search engines to compare prices later. If you only type in “Doctor Who purse” or “mini satchel” or some such thing there is a good chance you will get little to no results. Currently, this purse is anywhere from $57-80 dollars depending upon the vendor you find. The outside of the purse is lovely with scroll pattern and TARDIS printed on the edges. It also has the “Police Public Call Box” logo plate on one side. This purse goes a step further with the white window panels in one side, making the Doctor Who aspect more overt. The zipper and opening are much smaller, since it does not open all the way down the side like the other purse does. This means you cannot carry oversized items and your wallet needs to be standard or smaller. The side pocket space is also smaller and there is no built in zipper pocket.The purse itself is deep, so you can still fit lots of things in, it just make longer to find them later. I’ve realized I have to be more aware when I’m checking out at a store to go ahead and start the process of getting my wallet and cards out, compared to my other bag.

As honorable mentions I got this Bioworld coin purse, make-up and toiletry bag for Christmas. I’ve found the coin purse is perfect for storing gift cards, the make-up back I use for emergency supplies and the toiletry bag I still have not put to use yet.

*said really really fast

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