Doctor Who Phone Apps

Here are the Doctor Who phone apps that I’m addicted to:

tvtimeAs I previously mentioned in “Where to Watch Doctor Who in the US,” I love the app TV Time to track my Doctor Who viewing. As previously stated, “It has both a website interface as well as an iTunes and Android app available.


It can link up with your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, has various levels of privacy settings, and includes interactive features such as episode comments, meme creators, video reactions and quizzes. Also, you earn badges which can add a game element to using it as well. While it does not include any Big Finish audio adventures, minisodes from the web or the TV movie, it does have all the Classic Who episodes in order as well as the New Who episodes and Christmas specials.”

whoniverseNext, Whoniverse! Also available for iPhone or Android, this app provides the latest in Doctor Who news. Occasionally it might be behind on the headlines, but is a good app to check out if you feel you might have missed anything. It sells itself as no spoilers, however there have been a few set tidbits that feel as if have been given away or I would not have looked at if I did not have the app. It’s a great app if you have trouble finding the trailers or latest videos.

sonicscrewdriverNow, let’s get to some of the more interactive apps. There is a great sonic screwdriver app. One screwdriver is free. It does cost money to unlock all the screwdrivers. However, this small fee is worth it for all these fun sounds, especially if you cannot afford to buy all the replica/toy screwdrivers. You can get the app for iPhone here. I have not been able to find an Android link. If anyone does, let me know!

This next app is not high on my favorites list: Doctor Who comic creator. It’s not very intuitive, everything you want to use costs extra in time or money and it’s very limiting in choices even if you do go through with it. Someone more creative than myself might enjoy it, but for me, it’s not worth it.

Honorable Mention: BritBox. They only app where you can watch Classic Who, in the United States.

doctor who legacyOkay, here is, in my opinion, the greatest Doctor Who app to come out, so far- Doctor Who Legacy. Anyone who loves Candy Crush style games will enjoy this app, or anyone who loves the Doctor’s stories being meshed together. Each level has orbs of various colors that you move around to create shapes and combinations. You can earn Doctors, Companions, costumes, TARDIS, sonic screwdriver and glasses, etc as members of your team. They all work together to defeat enemies at each level. It’s an extremely addictive game.

I would be lying if I said I had never spent a few dollars on this game. I like to support games I enjoy, plus buying a few crystals opens up an extra fan area where you can earn additional characters and costumes. Plus, there are kids levels available, for those who may not be old enough to understand the problem solving required for the regular levels.

Are there any Doctor Who apps that I haven’t mentioned that you love? Leave a comment and let me know!


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