Smells Like Doctor Who Spirit

My world is so chaotic, for now, with just a few pop culture items to cling to for normalcy.

You see, I’m moving.

It was a possibility that had been there for months but since nothing was ever happening with it, I assumed it wasn’t going to come about. I got comfortable where I was at. I started making long term plans for my job, for my house. I even had an inadvertent Doctor Who shrine come about from a Season 10 premiere party we held at our house. Once the party was over, we never took it down. Yes, even the big over-sized prison-guard eye created to mimic Eleventh Hour.

Then word came: we are going to be moving. It was still a long, far off abstract concept until I had to take down all the Doctor Who items from the mantle and the big eye from above our television. I would like to think that all that stuff would make it easier to sell the house, but I know better.

So, boxed up they became. Off to a storage unit, until we have a new house, in our new state, with our new life. I inadvertently have a few Doctor Who items laying about the house because they missed being in the display that was boxed up, they didn’t arrive until after everything was taken away in the car, or I just couldn’t bare the thought of them potentially being crushed while in storage. So, they are a combination of both new and “throwback” items from my Doctor Who collection. Here they are:

  1. A copy of Vworp Vworp magazine, issue 3 
    • This was mostly luck this missed getting boxed up. It was one of the few things I did not keep downstairs, because I like to peruse the various articles and interviews while getting ready for bed or getting ready for work in the morning. At over 200 pages, this is not your standard magazine. It’s more like a chunky, oversized, non-fiction variety book. Plus, it comes with a CD audio drama. One of the best Doctor Who purchases I ever made. It’s $13.51 for the book (£9.99) and approximately $15 for shipping to the US. Trust me, IT’S WORTH IT! If you live somewhere else they have a great chart on their website that explains costs for each region.
  2. Doctor Who Paper Dolls 
    • No joke, I packed my box on a Saturday. This book arrives the very Tuesday. I’m so glad it did. It is colorful, full of all the main Doctors, through Twelve, and a spattering of companions. They dolls are not perforated, but the cover is disconnected. That means there is no tight binding and if you want to not damage the actual book you can photocopy them and then cut them out (which is my plan.) It’s an exciting distraction to have around. This book is $10.19 right now on Amazon, Wal-Mart & Target’s websites. If you get it from your local book store retail price is about $15.
  3. Doctor Who Valentine’s Origami Bouquet
    • This was a gift from my husband for the lover’s holiday. He used to constantly buy me flowers when we were dating. That was fine. I didn’t have to keep them around long, since they made me stuff up something fierce. Once we got married, it was a different story. It took awhile but I finally just got very blunt and told him I didn’t want flowers anymore. They made me miserable, and the pretty just wasn’t worth the pain. Since then, he has gone out of his way to find unique ways of surprising me.He out did himself with this bouquet of Doctor Who paper flowers.    He had found someone on Etsy who made the paper bouquets, mostly for weddings. I didn’t care what they were normally for, I thought they were the greatest thing I had ever seen! I just couldn’t bring myself to put them in a box.
      Along with my comic books, there is a good chance these babies will be riding with me in the car, when we move. They’ve had some of their edges bent or folded a little since I first got them. But they’re still just as beautiful as ever and the pride of my Doctor Who collection.

Are there any Doctor Who items that you just love to distraction? I’d love to see them. Please click on “leave a comment” and let me know or send in a picture!


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