Poll: What to do with the Eighth Doctor

The Eighth Doctor is in a weird limbo state, perfectly hovering between Classic and New Who. After a created my category subjects last week it left me wondering: which category should the Eighth Doctor audios be placed?
Some of these things are a given. Many of the audios were created by Big Finish Audios pre-2005 and the reboot. They are clearly Classic Who category material, along with the TV movie. However, some of the best stories have come within the New Who era, such as Dark Eyes and Doom Coalition. I could amend my categories to include a separate day just for audios. However, I’ve decided to stick to original outline. Which means I must now identify: is they Eighth Doctor Classic Who or New Who? There was only one place to go to find out: Twitter! *cue sad trombone*
I know, I know. I really didn’t get much of a result there, which just over a handful of votes, but here was the results:

This poll places Eight clearly in Classic Who territory. However, before I commit I thought I’d give it one more go around. So here it is, my first blog poll:

I understand that the ideal would be to give the audios their own day of focus. However, I do not want to necessarily get bogged down by only some days for TV and some days for audios. Setting aside a whole day just for books and comics was an awkward enough decision. Thank you for your input and if you want to leave a comment, look along the left side of the post for the “Leave a comment” button.


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