A Road Map for Space & Time

I’m bad at making my own plans. I’m can resent following goals I set for myself. I can purposefully avoid requirements I set for myself. Yet, without them I will languish and not even try.

So, here is the plan.

Every Monday I plan on focusing on some aspect of Classic Who. Ideally this will mean watching/listening to Classic Who in order. It can be a tedious challenge when you want to mix your Doctor Who up. That is where the rest of the week comes into play.

Tuesdays will focus on New Who episodes. Once again, I hope to talk about these in episode order, but will not ignore if desire or inspiration strike elsewhere.

Comics, novels, non-fiction books and the like will be discussed on Wednesdays.

To go along with social media “Throwback Thursday” trends I will focus on either older events, specials or my own personal memories or Doctor Who collection pieces.

Finally, Friday is where things get experimental. For those who know me, the title reference is to one of my favorite bands. “Queen Fridays” is where I am going to relate pieces of Doctor Who to other pop culture.

I expect most entries to be pretentious, far fetched or reaching to make their point. That’s fine. I’m selfishly writing them for my own sake. I missed the early 00s of blogs that streamed out when Doctor Who came back on air. I didn’t understand or try to understand Classic Who the less than a handful of times I saw it on PBS in the 90s. As a “new” fan I’ve missed most of the milestones. I am centralizing my experience in the most selfish way possible, in the hopes that sharing and learning from others helps me grow in ways that are less centralized.


What do you think? Are there any subject I need to make sure are included in my weekly treks through space and time? Can those things fit into any of the categories above? Let me know by leaving a comment.


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